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ADDIS INTERNATIONAL CATERING is a top-notch retail catering service that offers delicious, healthy, and safe food to local customers in the area. Our knowledgeable team of experts is committed to providing an outstanding catering experience that everyone can enjoy.

Our modern and well maintained production facility has gained a reputation with many of the world's leading airlines for its high quality, innovative cuisine and food safety standards.

These standards are applied to every meal and meal component we produce. We can build and design products to your specific requirements or discuss with us and select from a wide range of ready-to-eat products.

We can produce "Addis" branded product with it's customer satisfaction guarantee and sign of quality and food hygiene as well as bespoke products to your recipe or design.

Retail products include a huge range of high quality sweet and savory bakery products, fresh salads and desserts as well as frozen or chilled meals from a range of world cuisines. 

CONTACT US to discuss how AIC can upgrade your sales with our range of products.

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